New prices
24 Jul 2021
Snoek enters first races and wins
22 Jul 2021 Saturday, The Snoek entered the first recumbent race. A testrace for the World Championship in NL later this year. Matthias Koenig won all 3 Races with a big lead. Happy to see our design efforts are
Parts shortage
16 Jun 2021 There is a large scarcity of bicycle parts worldwide. Especially derailleurs, cassettes, rims, spokes and drum brake parts is affecting us. That is why we are temporarily unable to supply some spare
Snoek pricelist
5 Apr 2021 We determined the prices for the Snoek and the options. Standard the Snoek will be fitted with a lightsystem (1 IQ-X headlight, rear-, brake-light and blinkers. It will get 2x11 Shimano derailleur system,
Li-ion battery in freezing temperatures
13 Feb 2021
Closed foothatch for Quattrovelo
12 Feb 2021 Cold feet in the Quattrovelo? Order your foothatch with bulges now! A solid carbon epoxy version is 70,- . A version with polyuretan bulges that can indent
Foamcover for Alpha seven now available
16 Jan 2021 We made a well fitting foamcover for the Alpha seven. People tried using foamcovers from other models but these do not fit well. Now available for 90,-  The small cover for head opening is 15,- Order
New racing hood for the QuestXS
11 Nov 2020 We have developed a new racing hood for the QuestXS. The first product is already used by a customer. You can only order directly from us. A unique feature are the side windows that can be opened to have
E-assist now available on all our models
29 Oct 2020 We found a partner to build in E-assist in our models. We can offer a Bafang midmotor incl a 468Wh battery for 1500,- (incl. vat) on all our models. A bigger battery is possible. (612Wh or 752Wh) The
Video of new model
25 Aug 2020 This model was first named Quest RS , but is now called Snoek  (Pike in English, Hecht auf Deutch) We will make a small series of this model. It is a real racing velomobile with a big turning radius
Brake test bench
25 Feb 2020 With this test bench, we are now able to do dynamic brake testing and left/right balancing. And we are able to bed in new brake pads on brake discs and drums. It is a piece of equipment any velomobile
New importer/seller in the USA
22 Feb 2019 We are proud to inform you that Bicycle-evolution in Plano texas has opened their doors. They are now our official North American dealer. People can see and test our models there and will get excellent
Velomobile is recognised
18 Dec 2018 In Enschede (NL) a roadsign has been spotted that allows velomobiles on the main road. This is allowed anyway, but people (incl police) don't know this. Wonder if people know what a velomobile is?? Greetings,
Manual QV
12 Oct 2018
New opening hours
28 Jul 2018 on tv
10 Jul 2018
Succesful Spezi show in great weather
2 May 2018 Some pictures of the Spezi show. Many visitors came by velomobile . The number of visitors was big. In our stand we answered many questions People could test our Quattrovelo and the Strada
Protek max tube also available in 406 size
1 Sep 2017 Now also available in 406 size 37-47mm thickness . price 10 euro The Michelin Protek Max inner tube is highly puncture resistant and this is thanks to the self-sealing liquid within. A great choice
Alleweder man hole cover manual
1 Mar 2017
Silent improvements
18 Feb 2017 We try to improve our Velomobiles where we can, this goes sometimes unnoticed. Like, we changed our frontderailleur and the way it is mounted. Now we use a Sram X9 low pull triple derailleur , and
Anti-puncture fluid in testing
18 Jan 2017 We now have Bike-On anti puncture fluid. For use in tubes. It stops 95% of all leaks. With this you can ride faster tires and still enjoy high puncture protection.Bike-On has a longer life, it lasts 1
New prices Quattrovelo 2017
24 Dec 2016 The Quattrovelo is now fully in production. This gave us a better view on the production cost. Sadly we cocluded that a raise in price is neccesary. For this you will get a full carbon body, a
VM colour configurator
21 Sep 2016 Strada rider Paul van Roekel added a colour configurator to his blog various velomobiles can be virtually repainted in the colour of your choice. Quest, Strada and Quattrovelo are available, also duo colour
First Qauttrovelo to customer
31 Aug 2016
Michelin Protek Max inner tube
13 Jul 2016 We now have the Michelin Protek Max inner tube available size 47/58-559. More puncture resistance without hogher rolling resistance. Because of its unique bumpy design, the MICHELIN Protek Max inner
13 Jul 2016 We have been using Innegra in our body-shells for a while now. It is a layer in between 2 layers of carbon tissue. It serves several functions. It makes our velomobiles more silent, stronger, stiffer
Closed Saturday for Cycle Vison
1 Jul 2016
QuattroVelo in production
21 Jun 2016 shirt in red or blue
29 Apr 2016
Succesvolle Spezi show in spite of weather
21 Apr 2016
Alleweder nosecones back in stock!
30 Nov 2015
New prices from november 1st
14 Oct 2015 It's that time again. Prices must go up.. The weak euro has made many parts much more expensive. Also we made our velomobiles better and more luxureous. We now have 3x10 speed standard, lower weight,
Closed Friday and Saturday
17 Aug 2015 We are joining the World Championships Recumbent racing in Belgium. A nice event with all sorts of recumbents and velomobiles. come visit us there. Greetings, Theo
Succesfull Cycle vision
22 Jun 2015 Theo van Andel and Eva Navraltilova competed in this years Cycle vision. They both were very succesfull. Theo won the deilrace, was second in the fastest lap and 3rd in the 3-hourrace. Eva was 2nd both
Dealership - KMX - K3
16 Jun 2015 We have become a dealer for KMX - K3. The threewheeler for kids between 4 and 10 years (1-1.5m leght) It's build to survive everything. Easy to use with two gears. And with very low centerpoint, Thus
New dealer in the north of Germany
18 May 2015
Big size oval chainring
29 Apr 2015 Oval chainrings are in use with many velomobile riders. They know about the benefits, wich can be found online. For the fast riders we developed (together with Alligt) a 62 teeth version. Now for sale
25 & 26 April Spezi show Germersheim
13 Apr 2015 End of April we will attend the show in Germersheim. This time we will show the long awaited first body of a Quattrovelo. We are hoping for nice weather, since we will be on the square in front of the
Simple test elastomer front suspension
1 Apr 2015 It is often asked whether the elastomer available for our struts are working properly. Now someone came along who had mounted them and we made a video to show the difference. There is a significant difference
Lighting improvements
18 Mar 2015 Fairly unnoticed the lighting system has been developing. Since mid last year we changed from 6 to 12 Volt. The headlight is giving 20 lux more (was 60 is now 80 lux) and has a eco-mode. With this we could
Springtime! time for faster tyres
3 Mar 2015 With the days getting longer and warmer, it's time to change the tyres again. Schwalbe now has tyres that have low rolling resistance and good puncture resistance as well. Wim Schermer tested them and
Improved paint systems on all Velo's
13 Feb 2015 These are the first spray painted Velomobiles. They are painted with carpaint instead of the gelcoat we used to spray in the mold. Before, when they came out of the mold with gelcoat, it was hard to fix
To a great and good new year
31 Dec 2014
New colors
6 Sep 2014 We've got new colors. Our Velo's now also come in Aqua-blue, like this new Test Strada. The building also got a new color. The new test Strada also has the new 12 volt system with a dimmable B&M Cyo
Carbon swingarm in top carbon versions
11 Jul 2014 Our top carbon versions will be fitted with a carbon swingarm from now on. It is not only 300 grams lighter but also 2,5 times stiffer. An advantage when Climbing or accelerating. The surcharge for a top
new succes at Cycle vision 2014
2 Jul 2014 The Quest still performs well. Not only as a everyday vehicle but also in races. This years Cycle vision several Quests and Xs's joined in. In the 1 hour race 5 of them were in the top 10. Theo van Andel
Blue Strada on the Red Square
12 Oct 2012
Velomobile seminar, party/shop closed 7/8 september
24 Aug 2012 Last year we planned to celebrate the 10 millionth kilometer but only found a good opportunity now with the Velomobile seminar held in Dronten. Friday 7 September after velomobile seminar there will be
1 Jun 2012 At Whitsun is always the touring version of pro classic Liège-Bastogne-Liege is organised. The participation of recumbent riders on this tour this year was a bit disappointing, only 3 recumbent bikes
Shell Eco Marathon
21 May 2012 Last week the Shell eco marathon was held in Rotterdam, a race for the best fuel economy. Although our velomobiles are optimized to fit a cyclist (if you do not have to pedal the bike would be smaller
26 Mar 2012 On the site of the NVHPV it was already in the friday news co-worker Jan Wijnen has arrived in Romania, and not for holidays. Jan will start in the name of a workshop for velomobile
Who is living in this house?
10 Mar 2012
28 Nov 2011
Quest 223 moves to Denmark
2 Nov 2011 After almost 4 years and 50.600 km of good service Ymte’s Quest moves to Denmark. Leitra rider Michael Lindboe from Copenhagen is the new owner. Part of the Deal was that Ymte delivered the Quest to
21 Sep 2011
New videos
21 Sep 2011 In the early days of our website we already showed some "quicktime" demo videos. Nowadays with YouTube there are much more possibilities, our colleague Eva decided to make the remakes. "the first results".
Update:Paris-Brest-Paris and ROAM
19 Aug 2011 Paris-Brest-Paris Ymte has left for Paris by Quest to participate in Paris-Brest-Paris for the second time. He will be riding together with Hans Wessels and they will try to finish within 45 hours.
Charming Quest carbon
9 Aug 2011 Richard Serpenti came to collect his new Quest Carbon. It’s his third Quest already. This time in a special colour combi and striping. You can see the carbon fibres in the top part On request we build
New Strada for Fahrrad Pur
2 Aug 2011 Werner Klomp is a Dutchman living in Austria. This spring he bought a Strada for his daily commute. At the Dornbirn Cycle Club he draw the attention of Hermann Wohlgenannt, owner of bike store Fahrrad
Velomobiles popular in France
29 Jul 2011 Velomobiles are getting popular in France, behind Germany and Belgium it is our biggest foreign market and France is on it way to overtake Belgium. Our dealer Joel Vincent is helping a lot, last week he
Racing Bielefeld (Ger)
14 Jul 2011
8 Jul 2011
New stock Carbon Quest and Strada arrived
14 Apr 2011 12 April colleagues Allert and Eva collected 22 new velomobile bodies in Prievaly (Slovakia). You need some room to drive the van with trailer through corners, but that is nothing new to Quest riders. All
5 Feb 2011
Increased Velomobile production/end of long delivery time?
1 Feb 2011 Data collectors might have spotted it already in our statistics, 2010 was a top year with 127 new Quest's and Strada's delivered. In January 2011 we added 16 velomobiles on the list. The traditionally
Best Wishes for 2011
31 Dec 2010 will also provide you in 2011 with service "like in the old days"! Best Wishes from the workers, from left to right Ymte Sijbrandij, Allert Jacobs, Theo van Andel, Jos Hendriks,
Quest/Strada carbon versions
12 Nov 2010 Every velomobile rider would wish for a lighter velomobile: easier acceleration, less rolling resistance and easier handling. A few kg make only small differences but all small things help to make riding
Small Quest development
12 Oct 2010 The Quest is adjustable for riders with a bodylenght of 160-200 cm. For smaller riders the seat has to be mounted higher in the bike but this make the bike less stable for them. So we decided to make a
15 May 2010
New Strada bodies have arrived in Dronten
24 Feb 2010 The Quest bodies are made since the beginning at Beyss in Straelen (Germany) but for the new Strada we found a manufacturer in Privaly (Slowakia), Peter Pavlik. This location is about 1200 km from Dronten,
2 Sep 2009
9 Jun 2009
First test ride double quest
23 Apr 2009
Great White Quest
14 Nov 2008 We received following message from Quest rider John Dankers. We hope to see him (and his quest!) at the "oliebollentour" in Almere this winter. "Since half a year I am riding my Quest. For me it appeared
7 Nov 2008
25 Jul 2008