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What is a velomobile?

velomobiel Snoek

- a human powered vehicle for daily use with a shell for comfort, weather protection and luggage space;

- the aerodynamic shape provides relatively high speed with low physical effort;

- read more about our velomobiles Snoek, Snoek-L, Quatrevelo, Quest, QuestXS and Strada.



- you can find some tutorials on our youtube channel.


Velomobile users

- Our velomobile drivers already booked 35 554 987 km. More about the drivers statistics read here. Take a look at the rider and bike statistics drivers' list;

- want to learn more about drivers and their velomobiles? The drivers' list has a lot of links to private sites and blogs of our customers.

- Did you buy a used velomobile? Register and you book your mileage through drivers settings.


velomobiel onderdelen

- all parts we use to build and maintain our velomobiles can be bought seperately and sent by mail;

- we also sell accessories like stickers, mirror cones, arm rests, t-shirts or wheel alignment tool.



Closed from Xmas till New year
5 Dec 2023
Firts race with Snoek L , first place
22 Oct 2023 First race done with Snoek L ended on first place :-) 54 km timetrial on Dike to Enkhuizen and back. About 23 competitors. Results (not complete) 1: Theo van Andel (Snoek L) 2: Pieter Sijbrandij
Need tyres, we have them all
7 Oct 2023 For a while tires were difficult to buy and many webshops still have little choice. We have managed to have almost all popular tires in stock. We can send them by post. We also have the now popular
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Snoek-L webpage
5 Sep 2023
Het feest genaamd PBP
29 Aug 2023 Door Eva Jacobs Een feest? Wat voor een feest? Het is toch afzien? Dat was mijn reactie toen ik een videoverslag van een Paris-Brest-Paris brevet gezien had. Ik zag vermoeide fietsers die toch steeds weer
The Snoek L out of the mould
18 Apr 2023