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What is a velomobile?

velomobiel Quest

- a human powered vehicle for daily use with a shell for comfort, weather protection and luggage space;

- the aerodynamic shape provides relatively high speed with low physical effort;

- read more about our velomobiles Quest, QuestXS, Strada and Quattrovelo.


Velomobile users

- Quest, Strada and Mango drivers already booked 32 836 138 km. More about the drivers statistics read here. Take a look at the rider and bike statistics drivers' list;

- want to learn more about drivers and their velomobiles? The drivers' list has a lot of links to private sites and blogs of our customers.

- book your mileage through drivers settings.


velomobiel onderdelen

- all parts we use to build and maintain our velomobiles can be bought seperately and sent by mail;

- we also sell accessories like stickers, mirror cones, arm rests, t-shirts or wheel alignment tool.



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24 Jul 2021
Snoek enters first races and wins
22 Jul 2021 Saturday, The Snoek entered the first recumbent race. A testrace for the World Championship in NL later this year. Matthias Koenig won all 3 Races with a big lead. Happy to see our design efforts are
Holiday closure 29-7 till 19-8
17 Jun 2021
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750 km in de Snoek in 2 dagen
30 Jun 2021 Door Eva Jacobs Afgelopen weekend heb ik een flinke test van de Snoek en van mezelf gedaan. Ik heb me ingeschreven voor een brevet (lange afstand tocht georganiseerd door Randonneurs.nl) van 600 km met
Snoek manhole and light system
11 Jun 2021 Door Eva Jacobs We now have 3 riding Snoeks. They are all equipped with a complete lighting system. Almost the same as our other velomobiles. You can choose from two headlights: B&M iQ-X or Lupine
Snoek003, wheel-well, RO and mirror
9 Apr 2021 By Eva Jacobs This week we started the production of Snoek No 3 for Matthias König. Our first plan was to make it lighter than the two previous ones. The latest tests have shown that we should stick to