News : Tilff-Bastonge-Tilff

At Whitsun is always the touring version of pro classic Liège-Bastogne-Liege is organised. The participation of recumbent riders on this tour this year was a bit disappointing, only 3 recumbent bikes and a rowing bike for the 140 km tour and one velomobile for the entire 240 km. I made this trip many times on the upright bike, later also with various recumbent bikes, a rowing bike and the back-to-back tandem. The velomobile seemed not really suitable for this trip with many slopes up to 21% but when I once saw Bas Breedveld in his Flevobike Alleweder racing downhill I knew for sure, I'm take my quest for the next rides. Especially since I also like the return trip to Tilff by the bicycle. The weather was beautiful, lots of sunshine but also a cooling breeze. For the 240 km I needed 10 hours. That's not quite the normal pace for Quest for the journey home with headwind and 50 km more took me less time. But still fun to do and is already hard uphill, down hill racing is always a special thrill. Who will join me next year?