News : Quest 223 moves to Denmark

After almost 4 years and 50.600 km of good service Ymte’s Quest moves to Denmark. Leitra rider Michael Lindboe from Copenhagen is the new owner. Part of the Deal was that Ymte delivered the Quest to his weekend house in the North of Denmark, in exchange Ymte and his family could have an autumn holiday there. It was a very pleasant visit including a few rides of the Leitra and Quest together, Michaels special prepared Leitra sport appeared to be pretty fast. Michael with his Quest and Leitra (and cat) 50.000 km of quest means a lot of memories, this Quest has travelled to Italy and crossed the Alps, went to Germany to visit the Spezi, made a trip through England to Scotland, did records and races... But goodbye is not so difficult if a shiny new blue carbon Quest is waiting for you. For Michael the task to ride Quest 223 the next 50.000 km. Travelling through Denmark was also a nice opportunity to visit Legoland in Billund with the kids. Just before we were ready to leave we discovered some Lego recumbents and Leitras. Inspiration to try to get a miniature Quest in the Dutch miniature world of Madurodam.