Every rider has different wishes, maybe these accesoiries fit your need. Searching for parts? Go here.

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We ship parts and accessories by, prices of shipping vary with destination. Accessories are shipped asap usually the within a day after ordering. Payment by Paypal or banktransfer. We cannot accept creditcards, sorry.

QV bottle cage € 17,50 bottle cage only for Quattrovelo; standard RIGHT version, LEFT on request
Bafang bottom bracket housing € 60 bafang for Bafang BBS01 electric engine, so your pedals are centered. same distance from the middle of the velomobile. We also sell straight cranks. so the feet are closer together.
Sport T-shirt, 100% polyester € 25 sportshirt quick dry; size L, or XL (red only , no more blue) straps, 3pc € 10 straps for safe transport of your velomobile; high quality Arno straps
1 layer seat pad with comfort fabric (Ventisit)) € 75 seat pad available for Quest, QuestXS and Strada
floor mat set Q/S/XS (Ventisit) € 39,90 floor mat keep your luggage dry and rattle free; with neopren coating - antislip
Voltcraft charger €25 12V charger suitable for all Nimh batteries 6V and 12V (choose the right plug while ordering!)
mirror cone
€30 mirror cone top mirror conesspiegelkapje zijkant
lamp/camera mount on mirror €10 mirror_lamp_holder
lamp next to the mirror €39 mirror lamp Axa Greenline 35 LUX; 5 hour; USB - rechargeable
GPS mount - front wheelbox €15 GPS_holder
luggage box, left/right (carbon) €40 p.p. luggage box
mini visor €13 mini visor
2 arm rests €35 arm rest
wheel alignment tool €30 wheel alignment tool
Ventisit neck-rest €17,50 neck rest
Ventisit neck-roll €15 neck roll
large sticker Quest - set €20 sticker Quest
large sticker QuestXS - set €20 sticker QuestXS
large sticker Strada - set €20 sticker Strada
reflective striping Q or XS - set €35 reflective striping red or silver
reflective striping Strada - set €35 reflective striping S red or silver
Epoxy set with glassfiber 1m2 €24 epoxy set glass 1 m2 glass fiber 200g/m2, epoxy set 300g, resin filler, peel-ply
Epoxy set with carbonfiber 0,5m2 €34 epoxy set carbon 0,5 m2 carbon fiber 200g/m2, epoxy set 300g, resin filler, peel-ply
1 m2 carbon fiber > €15 more
velomobile bag Left/Right €70/75 velomobile bag-left-right the left one is standard on Quest, Strada and Xs
lift handle €10 lift handles (more models)
mounting plate for hitch €50 hitch hitch with
Radicaldesign hitch-knob
+ €20