News : Quest/Strada carbon versions

Every velomobile rider would wish for a lighter velomobile: easier acceleration, less rolling resistance and easier handling. A few kg make only small differences but all small things help to make riding a velomobile even more enjoyable. But the velomobile stays for most people a practical mean of travelling so low weight cannot compromise on f.i. luggage capacity or your light system. An answer to make the velomobile lighter without compromising usability for daily use are our “carbon†versions. Carbon makes stiffer bikes so we can save weight on the body and keep the same stiffness at lower weight. Some lighter drive train components like pedals, chain (kmc SL), cassette (shimano HG80), foldable tyres and titanium bracket axle do the rest for a weight of 28.5 Kg for the “carbon†Strada and 29.5 Kg for the “carbon†Quest. Weights for a ready to ride bike including “Ventisit†seat and complete light system including battery. So the “carbon†versions make no compromises at all? Sorry, the extra price for this is euro 1200 (including 19% VAT). The carbon versions come like all Strada’s from our composite supplier in Slovakia and they are without extra cost available in white, yellow, red, black, orange, blue and green. “What’s in a nameâ€, first we thought about the addition “sport†to the name like the Leitra and Mango “sport†editions but than we thought a lighter bike is not especially good for sport use; it just makes a better bike for every use. The producer of the “standard†Quest, Beyss (Germany) is also inspired by weight reduction; you can see this in their own “Evo†version of the Go-one. The standard quest also gained by this new insight and lost about 3 kg weight, a “standard†quest has ready to drive no more than 33.5-34 Kg.