About us

Allert Jacobs and Theo van Andel have been working in the recumbent and velomobile industry since the early '90s. After first working at Flevobike where they were involved in the development and production of the Alleweder, they started their own business (Velomobiel.nl) after the turn of the century together with Ymte Sybrandy. Initially only the Quest was produced later supplemented by the Mango, Strada, Quest XS and Quattrovelo. Together they rode many kilometres in the Alleweder, C-Alleweder, the Quest and Quattrovelo(over 30 milion km's ).

A velomobile is a human-powered vehicle for everyday use that offers comfort, weather protection and luggage space. A velomobile should be practical to use, but must also be fast. The human body has very limited power output. A fast bike is also a bike that reaches a reasonable speed with little effort. Therefore with a velomobile one can cover larger distances and a commute of 20 to 30 km is very well possible.

We believe in the velomobile. Because we do our daily commute with a velomobile we know the practical requirements you need to ask. Hence our slogan:

Velomobiel.nl, Cycles made by cyclists!

Eva (working for Velomobiel.nl since 2009), Allert, Theo