News : Shell Eco Marathon

Last week the Shell eco marathon was held in Rotterdam, a race for the best fuel economy. Although our velomobiles are optimized to fit a cyclist (if you do not have to pedal the bike would be smaller and lower) the Quest proves still to be an economical vehicle, From Pascal Noor of the ROC (technical school) from Helmond, we received the following message: Last week, the MAC (MBO Automotive Centre) successfully participated in the Shell EcoMarathon 2012. During the competitionto build a vehicle to build as economically as possible, the students have achieved results of unprecedented class. With an internal combustion engine (Hatz diesel) a consumption of one liter of fuel (GTL) to 416 kilometers was realized. With this we won the race and could take the trophy home. We congratulate the school with the result but (of course) keep pedaling ourselves.