News : Update:Paris-Brest-Paris and ROAM

Paris-Brest-Paris Ymte has left for Paris by Quest to participate in Paris-Brest-Paris for the second time. He will be riding together with Hans Wessels and they will try to finish within 45 hours. Hans rides with a tracker on board, you can watch his position online real time here. Amongst the velomobile riders will be Gerrit Schotman, Gert Lunenborg, Eugene van Wijngaarden and some other riders of various nationality: Martin Keller, Christophe Baudin. We wish them good luck. Official websiteRiders list; hereyou can find the Dutch PBP riders the ones marked with a S ride special bikes mostly recumbents. Riders tracking; with registration number of the rider (this can be found in the list of the link above) you can track a rider using this link. ROAM Stands for Roll Over America. The ride is from west to east through the US. This is organized by Jozef Janning a German Quest rider. A number of our velomobiles participate; Quest, Strada and Mango. You can find more about this event through the links below.