News : Increased Velomobile production/end of long delivery time?

Data collectors might have spotted it already in our statistics, 2010 was a top year with 127 new Quest's and Strada's delivered. In January 2011 we added 16 velomobiles on the list. The traditionally long waiting list is still not finished but because it does not fit in everyone’s planning to have his/her velomobile delivered earlier we have some space in our delivery schedule. We can make some bikes in between; you find them marked as "body op voorraad" in our order list. Delivery of Carbon Quests and Strada will take about 3-4 months at this moment. If you are already on the order list and you would like to get your velomobile sooner please let us know. This is the legendary East-German Trabant car that had delivery times over 10 years in its best days. The maximum of 2 years some people hat to wait for their quest is not much compared to this.