Technical details

The Snoek costs € 9500 (incl. VAT)

The Snoek comes ready-to-ride, including light system (12V battery, charger, turning signal lights, IQ-X 150Lux, horn and brake light), 2x11 speed, Ventisit mat, foam cover, SPD pedals, air pump, inner tube and tyre repair set; 19 mm rear axle.

The Snoek is made out of carbon composite.

Technical specifications
Length 2,575 m
Width 0,675 m
Height 0,79 m with 28 mm tyres
Weight ca 24 kg ready-to-ride, including battery (it depends on your component choice)
Turning Circle 14 m (depending on front tyre size)
Seat angle 35 - 40º (adjustable)
  • white, yellow, orange, red, blue, turquoise, green or black
  • on request: metalic colour - €550
Electrical Equipment
  • on request: No electrical equipment - €250 cheaper (720-980g less)
  • B&M IQ-X 150 Lux with dimming mode (120g)
Snoek headlight BM
  • on request: Lupine SL AF 110 Lux - €275 extra (137g), low/high beam
Snoek headlight Lupine
Tail/brake light
  • Highsider Proton LED tail-brake light in one
Turn signals
  • front 1W LED's
Snoek blinker front
  • rear Highsider Proton Two LED turn signals
Snoek blinker rear
  • standard: Li-Ion 12V 5Ah 55.5Wh (230g) + charger (Velo's by sea- or air-shipping recieve no battery/charger)
Snoek battery standard
Electric horn snoek horn
  • Hollow cranks: 155mm (ev.140, 150)
  • standard: 53/33
  • on request: 1 chainwheel Alligt/df (lighter than standard)
  • on request: Schlumpf - Mountain Drive (ca 300g heavier than standard)
  • front: Shimano 105
  • rear: Shimano XT 11 speed
  • Sunrace CSRX1 11v 11-32/11-36/11-40
  • front: Sram twistgrip
  • rear: Shimano Trigger Deore
  • KMC X11EL
  • standard: SA Aluminium 70mm drum brakes (single-side mounted)
  • on request: 90mm drum brakes (€50 extra) (ca 580g extra)
  • Shimano PD-A520 (spd)
  • front: Continental Contact Speed 28-406 with reflex, 265g (standard)
  • on request: other 25-28mm tyre (extra costs)
  • rear: Continental Contact Speed 32-622 with reflex, 485g (standard)
  • on request: other 25-32mm tyre (extra costs)
  • front: Remerx rim, 28 holes
  • rear: DT Swiss R470 rim, 32 holes
  • front: Sapim 166 mm strong butted 13/14 inox 28pc/wheel (90 mm drums 156 mm)
  • rear: Sapim 274 mm race butted 14/15/14 32pc/wheel
  • Snoek version: 1/2 B&M Cycle Star with mirror cone - 17g - extra light (standard one) (€55)
Snoek mirror half
  • Snoek version: 1/2 B&M Cycle Star with mirror cone - 27g - light (€80)
  • B&M Cycle Star - 37g (€15)
BandM mirror
  • B&M Cycle Star with mirror cone - 59g (€45)
BandM mirrorcone
Lift handle
  • carbon lift handle standard
snoek lift handle

On request

Racing hood
  • 1100g (€750)
2nd mirror
  • see versions above (€15/45/55/80)
Lupine headlight
  • SL AF 110Lux (€275)
  • 2nd battery standard model 55,5Wh; 230g (€55)
90mm drum brakes
  • SA Aluminium - €50 (ca 580g extra)
Arm rests €35
Neck rest/roll €17.50/15.00/pc (58/52g)
Here you can find photos and more accessories.