We sell all the parts we use in building our velomobiles separately. Specs and prices are available on request. Email to or call 0031 321 332717.

We don't run a webshop with online payment possibility. We sell chain wheels, sprockets, chains, tires and more (we have many different types of Schwalbe tires in stock).

We ship parts by, prices of shipping vary with destination. Parts are shipped asap usually the within a day after ordering. Payment by Paypal or banktransfer. We cannot accept creditcards, sorry.

Larger derailleur hatch(for oder Qv's) € 25 derailleur hatch for Quattrovelo; you can find the manual here
1 layer seat pad with comfort fabric (Ventisit) € 75 seat mat available for Quest, QuestXS and Strada
Velcro with fasteners € 10 set velcro set of perforated velcro - replacement for the foam cover velcro's
1 pc with fasteners € 1,50
Inner tube Michelin 26" € 10 inner tube Mich Protek Max - Ultimate puncture resistance
Grip € 16 gripshift A - 8/9 speed X.9
B - 8/9 speed X.7
Idler ALu cogs € 27,50 idler01 Ø64 axis Ø8 / Alligt
Idler Steel cogs € 40 idler02 Ø64 axis Ø8 / Alligt
Idler smaal € 15 idler03 Ø50 axis Ø8 / Alligt
Idler plastic cogs € 25 idler04 Ø68 axis Ø8 / Alligt
Idler Quattrovelo € 55 idler06 Ø100 axis Ø10
Li-ion battery 12v 2,6Ah "O" Nimh battery 12v 3,4Ah "P" € 54/50 12V battery actual 12v 2,6Ah Li-ion battery "O" 12v 3,4Ah Nimh battery "P" for older 12V velomobiles (different charger needed)
6V 4,2Ah battery € 45 6V battery 6V 4,2 Ah "B" is the replacement for old Busch&Müller 6V 4Ah NiMh battery "A"
6V 4,2Ah battery € 45 6V Sigma battery 6V 4,2Ah battery "Y" is the replacement for old black plastic Sigma 6V NiMh battery "X"
Voltcraft charger € 25 12V charger suitable for all Nimh batteries 6V and 12V (choose the right plug while ordering!)
12V Li-ion charger € 12,50 12V charger
different springs - front suspension spring_front
different springs - rear suspension spring_rear
shoulder pads - 2pc € 5 shoulder pads 10mm / 20mm / 30mm / 40mm
velomobile bag Left/Right €70/75 velomobile bag-left-right the left one is included on Quest, Strada and XS, right one on request
set of wheel covers fabric 20inch - black €29 wieldoekje 20 wieldoekje 20&quote;
standard on Quest, Strada and Xs
set of wheel covers fabric 26inch - black €35 wieldoekje 26&quote; standard on Quet, Strada and Xs