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What is a velomobile?

velomobiel Strada Quest

arrow a human powered vehicle for daily use with a shell for comfort, weather protection and luggage space;

arrow the aerodynamic shape provides relatively high speed with low physical effort;

arrow read more about our velomobiles Quest and Strada.


Velomobile users

arrow Quest, Strada and Mango drivers already booked 20 486 395 km. More about the drivers statistics read here. Take a look at the rider and bike statistics drivers' list;

arrow want to learn more about drivers and their velomobiles? The drivers' list has a lot of links to private sites and blogs of our customers.

arrow book your mileage through drivers settings.


velomobiel onderdelen

arrow all parts we use to build and maintain our velomobiles can be bought seperately and sent by mail;

arrow we also sell accessories like mirror cones, arm rests, trailer hitch or wheel alignment tool.



Theo bouwtquest.jpg
22 Sep 2015
Closed Friday and Saturday
wk ligfietsen 2015
17 Aug 2015 We are joining the World Championships Recumbent racing in Belgium. A nice event with all sorts of recumbents and velomobiles. come visit us there. http://www.hpv.be/wk/?q=nl/node/16 Greetings, Theo
Succesfull Cycle vision
Overall ranking
22 Jun 2015 Theo van Andel and Eva Navraltilova competed in this years Cycle vision. They both were very succesfull. Theo won the deilrace, was second in the fastest lap and 3rd in the 3-hourrace. Eva was 2nd both


15 Aug 2015 Het laatste bericht op deze blog dateert al weer van twee maanden terug, zomermaanden en dus vakantietijd. In Roemenie is de productie voor twee weken stilgelegd en ook hier gaan we om beurten een weekje
5 weken in Roemeniƫ
15 Jun 2015 Door Allert Jacobs Ik ben naar Roemeniƫ gegaan om daar ongestoord aan de mallen van de wielkasten en andere kleine onderdelen te kunnen werken. In twee weken moest het werk wel af komen dacht ik en dan
QuattroVelo update
31 May 2015 by Eva The followers of this blog already know that Allert is now in Romania to finish the development of QuattroVelo and thus speed up the process of bringing it to the market. There is already a discussion

2e hands

Quest carbon 629 Sold
6 Jul 2015 Quest carbon 629 Blue in top condition. Has less than 1000 Km and will be checked well. With blinkers, horn, 2 mirrors, minivisor, bag etc. Price 4950,- euro Don't hesitate to come and see. Greetings,