Strada - Intro

The Strada is fast, comfortable, efficient and provides excellent weather protection.
It has a shorter body (easier to store), open wheel boxes with wider track (higher cornering speed) and narrower turning radius.
Strada wheel boxes are designed to accomodate wide-section tires (up to 2 inch). Which gives you low rolling resistance and excellent comfort.

The Strada starts at €6450,- (incl. 21% vat).


The body is made out of 85% carbon composite. The Strada carbon body is made out of 100% carbon composite. Comfortable through independent suspension on all three wheels.
The single-sided mounted wheels make tyre changing very easy. The fully enclosed chain makes the drive system low maintenance.
The Strada is standard equipped with a light system: head/tail light and brake light. Large luggage capacity, which provides enough space for camping gear.

All our velomobiles accommodate wide-section tires, that means low rolling-resistance and high comfort. Sufficient ground clearance.