Second hand

IMG_2494.JPG 08-02-17 sold: Mango + 267 2011 for 2200,-
3x8 speed, led blinkers, 90mm brakes. almost new chain/cassette.
Technically good, does have a lot of scratches. 58000 km
Now only 2200,-

Just email us for more pictures or info.

Greetings, Theo

IMG_4111.JPG 08-02-17 Sold Quest 382 2010 for 3400,-
Quest is technically in very good shape. 58000 km
2x cyo headlight, blinkers, 90mm brakes, 3x9 speed.
Gelcoat color is scratched.
Now for 3400,-

just mail for us for more pictures or info

Greetings, Theo