News : Velomobile seminar, party/shop closed 7/8 september

Last year we planned to celebrate the 10 millionth kilometer but only found a good opportunity now with the Velomobile seminar held in Dronten. Friday 7 September after velomobile seminar there will be a party at Camping 't WisentbosDronten at 20.00 hours a live performance of the German Schneewittchen . Schneewittchen may be known among a number of velomobile riders from the "Fly Fly milan" promotional video. Especially for this performance, they rehearsed the song again and will play this live together with old and new repertoire. We hope that many people come to see, everyone is welcome (of course not velo mobile riders too) and admission is free. For an impression you may look at the the Schneewittchen site. If you want you can stay overnight on this campsite with your own tent but also in a group tent if you have your own mattress / sleeping bag. And there is every reason to stay overnight, the next day a tour organized for about 75 km along the Schokland museumand Urk. The cost is 15 euros for lunch at the museum on Schokkerhaven and a snack in Urk. After the tour you can stay overnight at the same campsite and join a meal. We hope to have many visitors at the concert and a large turnout at the tour. Subscribe via or directly at The contribution for camping and / or tour/meals can be paid in cash on the spot. If you do come to Dronten it may also be interesting to visit the seminar on Friday. The program you will find here. The participation costs (including catering) EUR 50 (for members NVHPV Euro 30) Notification in advance is required, payment can done at the entrance. For velomobile storage is provided. Come to Dronten and you can expect the following: -Thursday 6-9 overnight at the campsite, EUR 15 pp incl breakfast fridaymorning -Friday, 09.07-symposium in "De Meerpaal", costs 20-50 euros (incl. lunch) -Friday 7-9 celebration at camping 't Wisentbos, admission free -Friday 7-9 barbecue on the campsite euro 25 -Friday 7-9 night including breakfast EUR 15 pp -Saturday, 08.09 tour euro 15 pp incl catering -Saturday 8-9 Sunday night including breakfast EUR 15 pp We hope to see you in Dronten. Registration by ligfiets.netor else by Mailto